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For our ARTISANAL and HAND-MADE bakery products we use only quality ingredients such as re-milled durum wheat semolina and extra virgin olive oil.

Pizza Bases

Excellent ingredients, perfection in the dough and leavening process, artisanal and handmade. For those who want real homemade pizza!

Panini & Sandwiches

Particularly soft bread with a very smooth texture. Perfect for a classic sandwich or as bruschetta bread.


Fragrant and product of the Apulian tradition, Our focaccia comes in 3 variants, Barese, Tomato, and Rosemary, and it is produced only with selected and strictly Italian ingredients.

Cured Meats

In our cured meats you can recognize the genuineness and simplicity of Italy, and taste after taste you can feel the care, passion, experience, and tradition, patiently accumulated over many years of work.

Whole Cured Meats

Products free of preservatives; the processing is done by hand with the tip of a knife and the seasoning is strictly in the cellar during the period from November to March: winter temperatures, humidity and experience are the masters. The pigs come from controlled farms, fed on cereals produced in the area.

Sliced Cured Meats

Authenticity and tradition. Craftsmanship and attention to detail make our cured meats one of the finest products of Italy. From suppliers that guarantee ethical practices with more and more attention to the origin, breeding, transformation, from animal to final product.


Our cheeses are the result of the artisanal processing of milk, free of additives and preservatives, exclusively coming from sheep and cattle fed on natural pastures and with selected herbs and fodder.

Award-winning Cheeses available in whole wheels or 100g pieces

Appetisers, Olives, & Dips


Vegetables with intense flavor of sun-ripened Italy, carefully selected and processed freshly picked to preserve the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics.
The selection of appetizers made with mixed vegetables or monotype, variously assorted, associated with the right balance of flavors and matured in oil, is to be savored in its tempting versatility.


The many varieties found in the Mediterranean basin, are proposed in different combinations – natural, flavored, marinated or pickled – according to a vision that enhances the essence of the product, the protagonist of traditional local recipes.


A mix of intense flavors, excellent to accompany cheese, as a complement in a sandwich, or as the perfect accompaniment for a superfine aperitif.
Without the addition of dyes, preservatives, acidifiers or artificial flavors.

Chutneys & Jams

Few selected ingredients enclosed in a jar, keeping the colours and flavors unchanged with a method that perfectly combines craftsmanship with modern technology for maximum flavour and food safety in all phases.


Our Chutneys are made with a rich mix of fruits, fresh vegetables and spices. They are steamed with balsamic vinegar or wine vinegar and brown sugar.


Fruit jams without added pectin, without preservatives, without dyes. Only fruit processed after harvest and in season.

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